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This is a great penguin gift for those who love penguins and romance. This penguin gift will bring love, happiness, and luck to those who posses it

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is the story about penguins giving a pebble a true story?
A) Yes this is a true story. When choosing a mate a penguin must find a perfect pebble to offer to their desired mate. If accepted, the penguins become monogamous mates for life. Even if separated by ice barges or storms they will stay true to their first accepted mate searching forever for them until found. This is the documented historical truth about penguins.

Q) Can I choose a preferred color of the stone?
A) Yes, however since each pebble is unique, sizes and colors vary. We hand select each pebble for each customer making sure it is a beautiful pebble. You may request a color preference and we will do our best to match your color choice. Some people do this because they want to match their birth stone color or the stone color of their anniversary. If not requested, we hand select the color for you based on the availability of our current stone choices. 

Q) How long will it take to receive my order?
A) Once received your order is processed within 24-48 hours. Then shipping takes on average 3-5 business days anywhere in the United States. Of course shipping out of the states takes a bit longer.  

Q) I forgot to add our names and date for the certificate, is it to late?
A) We always email our customers who do not provide us with names or dates. We give them 24 hours to respond, if no date and name is provided. If no name and date is given, we ship the certificate and the customer has the option of filling them out at a later time themselves.

Q) After I submit my order when will it be processed?
A) All orders received by Midnight Pacific Standard Time Monday through Thursday,will ship the next business day (a business day is mon-fri) according to shipping instruction. Orders received after Midnight PST on Thursday are not shipped until the following Monday.

Q) What if my order is received damaged?
A) We will immeditately send a replacement at no charge. Report any damages to us by emailing us
or call us at (631) 737-1941 Monday through Friday.
Q) Can I type my custom message in all capital letters?
A) No, please do not type your message in all caps. The font that we use is a very elegant font
and when all caps are used it is extremely hard for the recipient to read. You should emphasize your
words by capitalizing the first letter of a word-this makes it more pleasing to the eye.

Q) Do you ship overseas?
A) We ship to most countries. We send to most countries via UPS and US Postal Service.
If you want to find out if we can ship to your recipient's country, please e-mail us at recipient and we will be happy to let you know. Please include postal codes as required Perfect Penguin Pebbles has received and shipped penguin orders all over the world. Just ask us what we can do for you and we'll give you a shipping break on lighter smaller orders. We ship international orders via USPS Air Mail and arrival of your penguin Pebble is determined by the respective customs and postal services of your country. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO, Guam or other U.S. Territories are not charged extra and will be billed according to regular ground Perfect Penguin Pebble shipping rates and will ship via USPS Priority Mail only.

Q) Can I send a perfect penguin pebble anonymously?
A) Yes.

Q) When will my order be shipped?
A) Most orders are processed within 2 business days and should be received within 2-5 days after processing, depending on the shipping method you select.

Q) What is a Business Day?
A) A business day is any day other than a weekend day or a national holiday.

Q) Where will my order ship from?
A) Orders are shipped from Holbrook, NY.

Q) Do you accept American Express credit cards?
A) Not at this time, our method of payment is through a safe and secure payment center, PayPal.

Q) Do you sell wholesale?
A) Yes we do. Please send us an email with your contact information and we will get right back to you. In most cases the quantity needs to be greater than 25 pieces of a single item to qualify. (Not all items are eligible for a discount.)

Q) What if I need to change something on an order form I have already submitted?
A) Please call or e-mail us as soon as possible. If you do not contact us by 3 pm EST of that business day, chances are your order has already been processed and shipped out.

If there is anything we haven't addressed please let us know. We appreciate all comments and feedback.

Every Order Will Include:

  • A unique pebble hand selected for you and your mate, sent to you in Top Hat gift box.

  • Framed Affirmation of Love Certificate which contains your name, your partner's name and your special date.

  • A story card explaining the significance of the pebble and the story behind this special gift.

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"Hey penguin pebbles, can't get over the gift my girl just got me. Not one to get all chocked up, but guys can't and don't really get flowers and candy (wouldn't want them anyway), but this is the coolest thing she has every got me for our relationship. If I wasn't sure how much she loved me before, I know now. For us it's a pre-engagement thing, good stuff. Where did you get a blue pebble from? Very cool."

- Doug Teak

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